Shelter Tours

HHS tours are meant to educate the average consumer about our mission, our philosophies, our accomplishments and our goals for the future. After a brief orientation Powerpoint, the tour begins at the adoption lobby. The tour continues into the small dog-puppy room. A tour guide will talk about the number of small dogs available and will take questions.

The next stop is the cat room filled with domesticated cats and kittens just waiting for a kind person to take them home and make them their pet. From here, the tour continues to the large dog kennel. This kennel was totally renovated in 2015. New flooring, ceiling, ventilation systems and new kennels each with their own outdoor area and see-through glass door. A far cry from the cages of yesterday. Eventually all kennels will be renovated to this level.

At the end of the large dog kennel, a door leads to an outside exercise area. The HHS Mobile Transfer and Event Trailer is usually parked in this area as well. The tour will continue to the stray animal kennel buildings, the utility buildings and continue to the intake and foster area. 

A typical tour will last approximately 90-minutes.