Howliday Gift Ideas For That Special Best Friend
Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 3:22PM

Howliday Gift Ideas For That Special Best Friend

Written by: Jane Williams on behalf of Halifax Humane Society

For Christmas 2018, all retail sales whether online or in-store will grow by 3.8% to the tune of $691.9 billion. With so much love and gifts to give for the season, don’t forget about your dogs. They deserve to be delighted and surprised by what’s underneath the tree for them this year. There’s a multitude of gifts to choose from, ranging from basic treats to personalized items, so don't forget to get them something great.

Basic Gifts

Nothing says “I love you” more than putting their favorite treats under the tree. From bones of all sizes to those which are homemade using a cute dog bone shaped cookie cutters, your dog will love it all. In addition to treats, you can get your beloved dog a fancy collar or even a blanket of their own. There are always great options out there for bath time if your dog decides he or she wants to have a bath.

Pamper Your Pets

If ordinary is not in your vocabulary, there are always options available to meet the whims of you and your pet. Try on a matching bracelet set, in a dog collar design, one for your dog and then one for you. Or find a sweater or jacket to keep your pet warm during the winter, they are always in fashion. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, but helpful, try finding a leash which doubles as an umbrella to keep your pet dry and happy. Don’t forget to buy your very dapper pooch a tuxedo just in time to celebrate the new year, he’ll thank you for making him a magnet for the ladies.

Go All Out For Your Dog

If your dog is expecting some pooch perks for being good all year, then forget ordinary and just go all out with your gift choices. There are stores which cater to extravagance or personalization for your dog. You might choose to give the dog their own fancy bed which can cost up to thousands, depending on how much you wish to spend. Don't forget to also include giving them their own couch to watch movies with you. While they’re lounging on the couch, make sure to grab some cigar-shaped treats and dog beer for any game day rituals they might have, and as offerings to any guests coming over to watch the big game. Get them fancy handmade bowls for water or food, and while you are out, grab some not so everyday kibble. Only high-end food for your best friend.

Finding a gift your dog will enjoy is not a difficult task, but making sure it lasts past Christmas is the key. Giving the same gifts over and over each year will have your dog giving you the stink-eye no matter how much they love the gift. Going out of the way to pamper your best friend is the only way to make sure harmony at Christmastime reins supreme.

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