Captivating Outdoor Experiences For You And Your Dog
By Jane Williams
Fri, Jul 22, 2022 at 11:00AM

Captivating Outdoor Experiences For You And Your Dog

Taking a vacation with your best canine friend is good for your soul. With research showing that long-term close contact with dogs improved the emotional health of owners throughout the pandemic, highlighted here by Everyday Health, there are few better companions to enjoy rest and relaxation with than the human’s best friend. That being said, however, there are definitely experiences that are more appropriate for dogs than others. Ensuring that you pick an experience that they’ll enjoy, not just you, is important in creating a trip that’ll last long in the memory.

Getting the best walk

The most appropriate activity for a dog is, of course, a walk. Whether on or off the lead, dogs relish the opportunity to simply be in nature, and to smell and sniff, and play around in plants. This is in contrast to running, which can be quite harmful to dogs when taken over long distances - according to Running Magazine, Canada, it’s important to check regularly with your pooch as to whether they are suited for running, including via vet advice. Heading somewhere for a walk with gentle and rolling terrain, then, is a great way to enjoy that. Few places are better for that than the United Kingdom. Whether it’s the Lake District, a National Trust Garden, Cornwall’s beaches, or the Scottish lowlands, there’s plenty to experience that won’t leave your companion feeling too worn out.

Going on the trail

Dogs love to navigate by scents. Some do it as a profession - the American Kennel Club highlights just the faculties that the best scent hounds have, and how they help in everything from missing persons investigations to chasing up criminal leads. There are experiences now for dogs all over the country where they can sniff their way through a trail - providing expert guidance for their owners, and a chance to have a walk out in nature. Adding that extra scent trail into the mix is what will really elevate it for the hound, and give you something interesting - watching them in their element.

Doggy yoga

Finding zen with your dog is easily done when out on a walk. Many owners will report feelings of calm and serenity when out and about with them, rivalling any meditation. Meditation and yoga take that zen to the next level, and can be done with your animal. According to, there are also tangible mental benefits for the dog - owners have reported an uptick in mood and balanced out energy levels after taking yoga with their hound. That means it’s not only your mental wellbeing receiving a boost, but that of your furry friend. 

A vacation with a dog is the best way to vacation. Getting outdoors is the minimum level you need to provide for with an animal companion - and you need to give them the time to explore. Experiences that pursue this goal will provide for both of you.

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