Spaying or Neutering Your Pet
By Mary Nielsen
Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 4:30PM

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

The number one reason you should look into spaying or neutering your pet is that it is in the animal's best interest. True, you would be experiencing some benefits such as a pet that is cleaner and better behaved, but it is your pet's welfare that you should always put first. What could your pet stand to gain from losing you know what?


Good Health and a Long Life

No testicles mean no testicular cancer! Can't get a uterine infection if you don't have a uterus! The risks of several different types of tumors and cancer are significantly reduced after spaying and neutering.  Also, on average, sexual alteration can extend a dog's life by a year or three or even longer. It may extend a cat's life by as much as three to five years. Not going on heat also means your pet is less likely to do dangerous things like stray from home or pick a fight with other animals. Spaying and neutering will make your pet healthier and longer lived.


Reduce Homelessness

It's a very good idea to think about how spaying and neutering can affect other animals. Every year, several millions of homeless and unwanted dogs and cats are brought to shelters. Many of these poor creatures will never find a place to call home forever. Spaying or neutering will prevent this heartbreaking situation from occurring in the first place. The expense of impounding, vaccinating, recovering, treating and other efforts put forth in caring for unwanted animals can cost billions for taxpayers, shelters and humanitarian donations. The best way to prevent a stray animal from suffering is to never let the stray exist to begin with.


Improved Behavior

Do keep in mind, this is not an instant fix for everything, but reducing a male pet's testosterone levels may cause him to be less aggressive. A female who no longer feels a needs to advertise that she's available will not yowl or spray. That embarrassing mounting behavior that is the punchline of many a bad dog joke will be avoided if your dog is altered by age of six months. The vet may be able to do it as young as eight weeks, provided your pet is in good health. Do you want to read about more valid reasons to spay or neuter your pet? Then please take a moment to look over this infographic. Your pet will thank you!

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