How to Prepare Your Pet for a Move to the Sunshine State
By Kara Griffin
Wed, Sep 01, 2021 at 12:30PM

How to Prepare Your Pet for a Move to the Sunshine State

Life is full of important events. At these times, you want to feel prepared and have everything in order so you can get the most out of the experience. Moving to a new place ranks as one of the most significant things you will do. It includes numerous steps in the process, including getting family members and possessions safely to your destination. If you have pets, you’ll want to make sure they’re ready to travel and that you provide a good trip for them.


A long car ride or flight can be difficult for a pet if they’re not used to traveling. Taking an animal from a familiar environment to a new one can also be challenging. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ease their anxiety and stress. If you are mindful of their needs, your move to the sunshine state can go smoothly and you can help your pet transition well.


Take Your Pet to a Veterinarian


As a responsible, caring pet owner, you no doubt regularly take your loveable friend to the vet’s office. You’ll want your pet to have a clean bill of health before you set off on your moving adventure. A week or so before you leave, make sure your pet has one last checkup. The vet can assure you that your pet will be fit for travel or will inform you of any concerns that may prevent the animal from traveling.


At this appointment, the vet may also give you the animal’s medical records as well as information on refilling medications that the pet may need. Be sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations too. This visit is also a good chance for the vet to share any tips with you to help your pet get accustomed to its new surroundings.


For dogs and cats moving into Florida, your pet must have a health certificate from an accredited veterinarian within 30 days of issuance and proof of current rabies vaccination if they’re 3 months or older. The health certificate verifies that your pet is free of infectious diseases and provides peace of mind for both you and others that might come in contact with your pet in the near future. 


Locate a Vet in Your New Place


Your pet’s health and well-being are priorities for you. You shouldn’t put off getting your animal the care it needs. If you find a reputable vet before you move, you can save time and hassle later on. This way, you can start your pet’s health and wellness regimen from the time you arrive in your new home.


It will be best to choose a clinic that is close to your house. Make sure the staff has the experience and skill your pet needs and that you feel comfortable with.


For recommendations on some of the best veterinarian practices in the sunshine state, visit USA Veterinarian reviews. 


Research the Environment 


For those new to Florida, it’s important to do research on the climate, wildlife, and common species that could impact your pet. Due to the warm climate all year round, mosquitos and fleas can be a major concern for your pet. For dogs, in particular, putting them on a flea and heartworm prevention is crucial to keeping them safe and protected all year. 


Another hazard you’ll become familiar with is Florida’s wildlife. From venomous snakes to alligators, you should keep a close eye on your pet, especially in swampy areas. 


Hire Professional Mover


You shouldn’t have to handle all of your moving duties yourself. Hiring a professional moving company can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety—yours and your pet’s. As you pack up your belongings and empty your home, it can leave you feeling frazzled and your pet confused. Don’t be afraid of passing off some of these duties to professional movers. A moving company can handle the heavy lifting and time-consuming jobs of loading while you spend those moments focusing on other things such as making your pet comfortable. And don’t worry, professional moving companies will handle all your pet’s items with care and concern.


Keep the Pet’s Favorite Toys and Other Items Handy


Much like a child, a pet likes to have certain things close by for comfort and security. For your animal, this might be a chew toy, a blanket, a bed, or any number of other items that they like to play with. As you prepare to move, you may want to part with some of these things. Resist the urge to do so, and hang onto those possessions that make your pet happy. This will make the trip more pleasant, and it will help ease the pet into its new place.


Stop as Often as You Can Along the Way


If you’ve got a long distance to travel, it’s best for your pet to go in the car if possible. But don’t try to take the journey in huge chunks. It’s better for your pet to get out of the car for potty breaks and to stretch out. Let your animal get some exercise and fresh air every couple of hours. This will do you and your passengers some good too.


Keep Water Handy


Your pet will get thirsty during your car trip. Whenever you stop for a break, offer a drink to your pet. Keep water available in the car, if you can, so the pet doesn’t get dehydrated. Riding in a car for a long period can be hot and tiring, so water is essential. 


Reduce Stress in the Pet’s Environment


Leading up to your mood, you will have a lot going on. Moving requires hard work, planning, and a lot of time. It’s easy to get stressed and feel pressure. You don’t want your pets to have the same reactions. Keep your pet out of the way when you’re packing and loading the truck. It may be best to let a family member, friend, or neighbor watch your pet while you load the truck.


Let Your Pet Explore Your New Home


Your pet will be curious about its new surroundings. It’s a good idea to let your animal become accustomed to the home and yard. Introduce your pet to every room and area of the house. Keep an eye out for potential hazards and dangerous spots for your pets.


Moving with pets can be challenging and nerve-racking. But you can make this a smooth event for you and your animals. Keep these ideas handy so on the day of the big move, you can check off those preparations you have made.

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