Keeping Your Dog Warm And Healthy While Traveling In Winter
By Jane Williams
Fri, Dec 04, 2020 at 7:55AM

Keeping Your Dog Warm And Healthy While Traveling In Winter

Keeping Your Dog Warm And Healthy While Traveling In Winter

The winter season is almost here, and while most people will be staying at home for the holidays, some pet owners are making plans to travel with their fur babies. In the past, most pet parents would leave their dogs with a sitter or a friend, or drop them off at a kennel while they went on a winter vacation in local or international skiing resorts. But now, most pet owners opt to take their dogs with them: a recent survey has revealed that five in six dogs join their owners while traveling during the Christmas holiday period. Your dog can be the perfect traveling companion this winter, but the cold weather can do a number on your pet’s health. Whether you’re going to a ski resort in Utah or flying to Europe for the holidays, protecting your fur baby from the bitter cold should be a priority to ensure their wellbeing. Here’s a guide to keeping your dog warm and healthy on your winter travels.

Know the airline’s pet travel policy

Traveling to another country means following health protocols and standards to ensure that you and your pet stay healthy while on holiday. Apart from getting the necessary vaccines and travel insurance, you should also know about the airline’s pet travel policy, as where your dog will be staying during the entire flight can affect their well being. Some airlines require dogs to stay in the cargo hold, and as most cargo holds are extremely cold and aren’t climate controlled, there’s a possibility that your dog could get sick while you’re on your way to your holiday destination. Before booking a flight, check which airlines allow dogs to stay in the cabin with their owners, and ask if you need to do any paperwork or if you need to bring a carrier for your trip. 

Pack items that will keep your dog warm

Packing items to keep your dog warm is essential so your pooch will be comfy and cozy during your trip. Have an extra blanket for your pet, as well as dog sweaters and boots. If you’re staying at a ski resort, consider bringing a waterproof dog coat to keep your pet warm and dry while taking them out for walks. Don’t forget to bring your dog’s bed, as some resorts or hotels may not have gear for pets. You can also have a self-warming pet bed to keep your dog extra cozy on your holiday, as well as a pet-safe heating pad that they can snuggle with on cold nights. 

Inspect your pet for signs of frostbite and hypothermia

If you’re planning to do outdoor winter activities with your dog, make sure to inspect your pet for signs of frostbite and hypothermia. Dogs may get frostbite on their nose, paws, the tip of the tail, and ears, so check these areas if they seem blueish or greyish in color, and treat them immediately by getting your dog out of the cold right away and letting them rest in a warm room. You can also treat the affected areas by bathing or soaking them in warm water. Meanwhile, if your dog is constantly shivering and seems to be always sleepy or lethargic, it’s possible that your pooch may have hypothermia, so bring your pet to the vet immediately if you suspect they are ill. 

Traveling with your dog during the winter season can make your holidays extra special. Consider these tips to keep your pooch warm and healthy while you’re on the go, and enjoy bonding with your pet. 

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