Finding the Perfect Pet
Tue, Jun 18, 2024 at 10:55AM

Finding the Perfect Pet

Finding the Perfect Pet

We receive calls from many seniors interested in a specific animal. Not necessarily an animal that is at the shelter, just an animal type they have in mind.

“Hi, my name is Barbara, and I would like to adopt a small female dog under 15 lbs., less than 6 years old, that is crate trained, housebroken, and listens well.” Some dogs meet this description at the shelter and at most rescues; however, they don’t stay there long. Smaller and younger dogs, including puppies, are adopted very quickly. In some cases, the animal never even makes it to our website because it is adopted fast. People who just happen to be at the shelter when a smaller dog is brought to the adoption floor are usually the ones who adopt the dog.

Many people ask if there is a waiting list, and there is not. We tried implementing a waitlist, but it became so large that it was impossible to maintain and execute effectively. The best option is to visit the shelters and rescues frequently and check their websites for new animals daily.

Cats don’t find their forever homes as quickly as small dogs, but if there is a cat you like on a website, plan to visit the shelter or rescue as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out.

Finding the perfect pet requires effort on the part of the adopter but sometimes just making a visit to the shelter can result in great success. To borrow a phrase from Forrest Gump, “A visit to a shelter is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you might get.” Please adopt, don’t shop.

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