Breaking Barriers for Pet Ownership
By Vershurn Ford
Fri, Aug 11, 2023 at 1:05PM

Breaking Barriers for Pet Ownership

As an integral part of our mission-driven work, the Lee C. & Patricia Culler Center for Pet Resources (CPR)is dedicated to addressing the challenges that pet owners face in keeping their beloved companions in their homes. We understand that sometimes, financial constraints, lack of access to essential resources, and limited knowledge can create hurdles that lead to pets being surrendered or rehomed. Our new model focuses on eliminating these barriers to ensure pets can remain with their families and receive the care they deserve.

Our mission at its core pays homage to the philosophy around the very belief that every pet deserves a loving and stable home," said Adam Leath, Halifax Humane Society CEO. "By providing accessible and affordable pet care services, along with educational resources, we aim to empower pet owners to provide the best possible care for their furry friends. We want to create an environment where financial constraints or lack of information are no longer obstacles that force pets into shelters or homelessness".

CPR will work closely with the community to spread awareness about responsible pet ownership, preventive care, and the benefits of keeping pets in their loving homes. Providing resources, educational materials, and outreach programs, the center hopes to foster a stronger bond between pets and their families, ensuring a happy and healthy life for every four-legged companion.

We recognize the importance of offering a streamlined and convenient appointment system for our community. You can now schedule appointments easily by clicking here.


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