5 Ways to Keep Walks Peaceful
By John Woods
Mon, Jan 17, 2022 at 7:55AM

5 Ways to Keep Walks Peaceful

Dogs need to be taken for a walk. Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to get some exercise, demonstrate your authority as the pack leader, and have some fun together. You and your dog may be having a great time on the walk, but what do you do if the fun wears off and you and your dog are just going through the motions? There's a better way, and we've come up with five ideas to keep you and your dog entertained on your next walk.


Consider taking a path less taken. For many dog lovers, finding a routine that works best for them and sticking with it is easy, but this can become tedious for both you and your dog in the long run. If you want to spice things up, try something new like going in the opposite direction on your next walk or going to a park or dog-friendly beach buddy for a hike. Even a small change can make a big difference.


Dismantle it: Getting out of the house, walking for a while, and then coming back can become a bit of a rut, even if you're taking different routes. A dog-friendly restaurant or store could be an ideal location for dinner or shopping, so plan the walk around these destinations. Once you've finished, you can carry on walking and be proud of yourself for completing yet another task. Try to keep your pets away from eatables that are toxic like pecan nuts


Incorporate a lesson on obedience. Making your walk a part of your dog's training is another way to keep it interesting. Stopping your dog so you can correct their behavior and wait on the spot until they are calm is the best course of action when they act up. In order not to get frustrated when your dog doesn't immediately behave, bring treats and use a harness to have a better grip. You can also benefit from animal behavior counseling for more peaceful walks.


With the help of other dog owners, go for a walk when you're out for a walk, it can be nice to have a conversation with a human being instead of your dog. As a result, reach out to friends or neighbors who also have dogs and see if you can arrange to go for a walk together once or twice a week. You can even start your own dog walking club if you're feeling particularly ambitious. You can also benefit from Pals of Animal Welfare and Shelter to help you curb the behavior of your dog.


Take a break from walking and engage in some fun activities. Not every walk has to be a stroll. Bring some toys with you and engage in some playtime as another way to break it up. Walking your dog in a park with a flying disc, ball, or tug-of-war toy from the retail and gently used pet supply store are some of the best ways to keep them entertained. Just remember to walk your dog calmly by your side or right behind you for at least twenty or thirty minutes before letting him or her play.

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