Animal Behavior & Counseling

Halifax Humane Society has a Behavior Team that includes professionals with educational backgrounds that give us the ability to utilize scientifically based training methods and behavior modification. We focus our energy on these proven practices to ensure species specific solutions to training or behavioral needs of both our animals and yours.

We strive to understand the needs of our animals and to ensure that we are creating the best environment for them. The use of enrichment to empower and entertain our animals helps keep them alert and active, while allowing for training opportunities and fun interactions with our behavior team, our staff, and our volunteers. By caring for their physical and mental needs while providing force and fear free training, we allow them to the opportunity to improve their life skills while waiting for their forever homes.  We also are available to continue these efforts once you bring an animal home. 

Our Behavior Manager, Marie Hughes is a certified dog trainer.


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Dog Training Fundamentals

What We Learn:

1- Name Recognition

2- Touch

3- Loose Leash Walking- Management

4- Loose Leash Walking- Training

5- Sit/Let's Go

6- Stay

7- Come

8- Down


Dog Training Advanced

What We Learn:

1- Leave It

2- Stay with Distance & Distractions

3- Come with Distance & Distractions

4- Loose Leash Walking with Distractions

5- Place

6- Automatic Sit for Introductions

7- Wait at Doors

8- Enrichment Ideas



What We Learn:

1- Food Puzzles

2- Find It

3- Agility for Fun

4- Shaping

5- Tug

6- Flirt Pole


 Call for a schedule of classes and to sign up. (386) 274-4703 ask for adoption lobby.