Transfer Program

Halifax Humane Society follows proven trends with adoption techniques to increase positive outcomes. In 2012, Halifax Humane Society implemented the ASPCA's Meet Your Match program to assist each potential adopter in finding the right pet for their family and home environment. Adoption promotions like Cinco De Meow-O, Black Friday, and Festive Felines have found homes for huge numbers of animals. In addition, the Halifax Humane Society mobile adoption vehicle has enabled us to reach areas as far as Savannah for large adoption events. Our data shows that the percentage of adoptions compared to intake continues to rise each year.

These efforts also include working closely with our Foster and Transfer Partners. Halifax Humane Society transfers compared to intake efforts have nearly tripled since 2011. We work with local rescue organizations regularly and have also transferred animals to and from Halifax Humane Society using other methods, even an airplane in some cases. Transfers have allowed Halifax Humane Society to offer a fresh start at our facility to animals that may be overcrowded elsewhere, or move our animals to other organizations that have the resources to find them homes.