Planned Giving Programs

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is either an ongoing donation or the donation from an estate to a charity based organization.

Make a Monthly Gift 

Monthly gifts are a great way to help the Halifax Humane Society grow the organization. With a steady stream of reliable income, we can plan for the future by increasing and adding new programs and community services such as our low cost spay/neuter certificates, low cost vaccination clinics, anti-cruelty operations, and more. It also allows the HHS to plan for needed facility improvements and improvements in animal care. 

The Halifax Humane Society respects your privacy and wants to make sure your donation wishes are carried out. Currently we are not accepting recurring payments online but we are accepting them via email, fax, or phone. Below is a link to download the monthly giving form. You can make monthly payments using a credit card or checking account. After completing the form, email it to or fax it to 386-267-0651. 

For more information about monthly giving or to set up recurring donations over the phone, contact our Development Department at 386-274-4703, ext. 318. Thank you for supporting the Halifax Humane Society.

Click here for our annual sponsors and sponsor programs.


Estate Bequests-

What is a Charitable Bequest?

A charitable bequest is a written statement in a will which directs that a gift be made to charity upon the death of the person who made the will (the testator).

Types of Bequests

A specific bequest bequeaths a certain dollar amount ($10,000) or certain other property (such as a home, art collection, etc.). This is the most popular form of charitable bequest. Indeed, gifts of specific properties to charity may be uniquely appropriate bequests both for tax and other reasons.

During estate administration, specific bequests are the first type of bequest satisfied. Thus, if the estate cannot support all of the bequests made in a will, recipients of specific bequests are more likely to inherit than other estate beneficiaries. However, there is also the chance the testator may dispose of the property during life, in which case the intended recipient is out of luck.

A specific bequest of a certain dollar amount does not grow if there is an increase in the value of the estate after the donor executes the will. In addition, some specific bequests may be problematic. For example, a bequest of shares of a stock not traded on a public exchange may require an appraisal to set its valuation upon the donor's death. Also, a specific gift of real estate may require site inspection, environmental reviews, and other vetting before the charity can accept such a gift. That is why contacting the charity about the proposed gift before executing a will is a good idea..

Why Should I Give?

There are many worthy charitable organizations in animal welfare as well as organizations in Volusia County that support worthy causes. When you are considering making a donation, two of the most important criteria is the history of the organization and how efficiently they operate. The HHS has been serving the community for over 75 years and is in among the most efficient fundraisers in the industry. At Halifax Humane Society, 81 cents of every dollar we raise goes directly to the animals.

Our first priority at the HHS is to house, feed, and provide medical care to the animals we take in until they find a forever home. And unlike other rescue groups, we never turn an animal away. But there is so much more that we do for our community. When you give to the HHS, you give to an organization dedicated to making a difference.


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2020 Financial Records
Independent Audit 
Form 990

2019 Financial Records
Independent Audit
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2018 Financial Records
Independent Audit
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How Your Money Was Spent in 2020
Animal Care and Shelter Programs - $2,724,396
Management and General Expenses - $214,853
Fundraising Expenses - $233,116
Total Budget - $3,583,003

83 cents of every dollar raised went directly to animal care and programs. Information and numbers provided by independent audit.