GEM Program

The HHS GEM (Giving Every Month) Club allows our organization to use long-term planning to envision a time when our services are no longer needed, and every animal is placed into a loving and forever home. If you join GEM, we can more effectively allocate resources due to the steady income we receive from your monthly giving to make a bigger impact in our community. These funds are used for animal care and adoption, spay/neuter services, behavioral training for animals in our care, Prison Pups N Pals, and much more.

We are all very busy dealing with life day by day and minute by minute. Sometimes we forget to pay a bill or pick up our dry cleaning. Please don't forget about the animals. Enroll today and your monthly donation is automatically processed even if you are on vacation or on a business trip. Your support is much needed.

Enroll today. (just select monthly as your frequency option)