Educational Community and School Involvment

Summer Camp-

Due to the renovation of our main facility, summer camp will not be available in 2018. We will resume this program in 2019 with a much better education room thanks to PetSmart Charities.

HHS offers a 6-week summer camp program each year to help educate children ages 6-11 years old on what we do, why we do it and how they can help. There is a substantial amount of hands-on time with animal experts and their animals they bring for demonstrations.

In a typical week, up to 20 children will learn about animals from certified and licensed animal behaviorists, service dog trainers, certified dog trainers, a bat expert, a therapy dog service, diabetes service handlers and their animals, etc. As well there is a field trip each week to the Marine Science Center located in Ponce Inlet, FL.

Each week is the exact same camp yet we have many children come back for an additional week. The camp is operated and conducted by our Summer Camp Coordinator whose full-time career is a middle school teacher in Ormond Beach, FL. 

College and High School-

HHS offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit for school programs such as ROTC that may require public service hours. Additionally, HHS staff will work with college or college bound students who may visit our organization as part of a student exchange or internship program.


Interns and Foreign Students:

HHS hosts many intern programs for veterinary services as well as 2-3 week education programs for students from the Far East.