Pet Surrender and Intake

How Animals Enter...

Animals enter HHS one of three ways... 

Animal Control:
Each municipality in Volusia County employs its own Animal Control Department. This is a separate entity and not associated with Halifax Humane Society. However, many municipalities contract with local Humane Societies, such as HHS, to house stray animals that are picked up. When an animal is brought to HHS by Animal Control, we provide for that animal during a “Stray” period of a minimum of 3 days (the law requires a minimum of 72 hours) in hopes that an owner will retrieve their lost pet. If no owner comes forward, the animal becomes the property of the Humane Society. At this time, the animal is given an evaluation for general health and temperament. If the animal is deemed adoptable, it is placed in the adoption kennels. If the animal has an untreatable illness or is otherwise dangerous to people and other animals, it will be humanely euthanized. The exception to the minimum holding period of lost or stray animals would include those that are harboring contagious diseases or suffering from severe injuries. Under these conditions, euthanasia is often the most humane option.

Concerned Citizens: 
Many times the public will bring in animals they have found wandering loose. These animals are treated in the same manner as animals brought in by Animal Control.

Owner Surrender:
At this time, all owner surrenders require an appointment. Call 386-274-4703 ext. 323 to request a surrender appointment.

Since people have started returning to their places of employment and traveling, HHS has seen a substantial increase in owner surrenders. We understand that in some cases such as being required to relocate to a new home that does not allow pets, surrendering is unavoidable, however rehoming your pet to a friend or relative may be an option. You can also utilize to post your pet for adoption from the comfort of your home. Please consider all options before surrendering to a shelter as most shelters are at capacity and need your help to keep pets in their homes. Pet sitters, day care centers, food pantries, etc., may be available to help manage your pet(s). 

Animals that can no longer be cared for by their owners may be accepted at the shelter by appointment. There is no fee charged for accepting these animals but we do ask for a donation to help go towards their care. Owner surrendered pets are evaluated for overall general health and temperament to determine potential placement. While we are open admission, if the pet is brought to us with severe behavior concerns, chronic disease, or advanced age, the owner may be asked to sign the pet in for humane euthanasia. We make every effort to find pets their furever homes; however, we do make difficult decisions to avoid suffering and to promote the safety of people and other animals. This environment can be stressful on pets making it even more important that this is your last resort.


Sometimes, pet owners surrender due to housing restrictions. Here is a link to Pet-Friendly Hotels and Apartments.


Municipalities that contract with HHS

Daytona Beach
Holly Hill
Lake Helen
Orange City
Ormond Beach
Ponce Inlet
Port Orange
South Daytona
Unincorporated Volusia County 

If you have lost an animal, it is important that you contact your local City Animal Control Department to find out which shelter stray animals are taken to.

Daytona Beach Animal Control 
Holly Hill Animal Control 
Ormond Beach Animal Control 
Port Orange Animal Control 
South Daytona Animal Control 
Volusia County Animal Control 
Deland Animal Control 
Deltona Animal Control 
Edgewater Animal Control 
New Smyrna Beach Animal Control
Orange City/DeBary Animal Control