Lee C. & Patricia Culler- Center for Pet Resources

Halifax Humane Society is proud to announce its transformation from the Lee C. & Patricia Culler- Boarding and Grooming facility to a comprehensive Pet Resource Center. Beginning Monday, August 14th, 2023, the center will be open to provide the community with access to quality and affordable pet care services, including vaccines, microchips, and general wellness services. The heart of this transformation lies in our philosophy of breaking down barriers that prevent animals from staying in loving homes.

As an integral part of our mission-driven work, the Lee C. & Patricia Culler Center for Pet Resources (CPR) is dedicated to addressing the challenges that pet owners face in keeping their beloved companions in their homes. We understand that sometimes, financial constraints, lack of access to essential resources, and limited knowledge can create hurdles that lead to pets being surrendered or rehomed. Our new model focuses on eliminating these barriers to ensure pets can remain with their families and receive the care they deserve.

We recognize the importance of offering a streamlined and convenient appointment system for our community! Click the link below and book an appointment! 

 Join us in this transformative journey towards a future where all pets can thrive in loving and caring homes.

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We Offer Comprehensive Care For Total Well-Being!
Vaccines & Microchips
Keep your furry friends healthy and protected with vaccinations & a Microchip!
General Wellness
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