Vet Services Volunteers
Vet Services Volunteers

Vet Services: For volunteers with either experience in a veterinary setting, or with an interest with gaining volunteer vet experience, we take volunteers in our Vet Services department at HHS and at our low-cost spay/neuter Redinger Clinic. Volunteer responsibilities, as directed by our team, at HHS include cleaning, maintenance, wrapping surgery packs, etc. At Redinger, their needs are more clerical, with volunteers helping to answer phones, input data, and schedule surgeries. At each location, volunteers will be given more responsibilities based on how much time they can dedicate to the volunteer position.

Key Responsibilities for Vet Services Volunteering:

  • Regularly clean kennels and help with any general cleaning in Vet Services.
  • Helping with maintenance needs around the area.
  • Answering phones and scheduling appointments.
  • More responsibilities given on an individual basis.

Qualifications for Vet Services Volunteering:

  • Volunteers must maintain a positive and professional attitude with adopters.
  • Volunteers must have attended


    Volunteer Orientation and the Vet Services class.

• Volunteers must have worked with a mentor prior to volunteering in Vet Services on their own.