Pet Photographer Volunteer
Pet Photographer Volunteer

Pet Photographers: At HHS, we strive to do everything possible to help our animals find their forever home as quickly as possible. This includes making sure we have appropriate and appealing photos for each animal to display on our website, social media pages, and on the animal’s kennel card. Our Volunteer Photo Team is in charge of taking these photos, as well as keeping track of which animals might need a new photo and choosing days to host a ‘Photo Day’ during the month. Volunteers are encouraged to use their creativity, take fun photos of the animals, and make them as original as possible so our animals can stand out!

Key Responsibilities for the Shelter Pet Photography Team:

  • Regularly take photos of the animals, at least one day/week.
  • Keep a list of which animals need photos, updating as their photos are taken.
  • Sending any and all appropriate animal photos to the Volunteer Manager and Community Outreach Director.
  • Working with dog walkers and animal handlers to place animals in photogenic scenery, outside the kennel space.

Qualifications for the Shelter Pet Photography Team:

  • Volunteers must maintain a positive and professional attitude with adopters.
  • Volunteers must have attended the Volunteer Orientation and the Pet Photography class.