Offsite Cat Adoption Ambassador
Offsite Cat Adoption Ambassador

Offsite Cat Adoption Ambassador:


Although we have many cats onsite at HHS, we also house many at several offsite locations, such as pet stores. Two of these stores – PetSmart in Deland, and PetSmart on International Speedway Blvd., in Daytona – rely on daily volunteer care. These cats are entirely cared for by our volunteer staff, including daily cleaning of their kennels, fresh food, water, and socializing. These volunteers are instrumental in both caring for our cats, as well as helping potential adopters who might be interested in these cats. Caring for these cats involves both general cleaning and care, as well as helping with any transports we might need to and from the offsite locations, particularly when we have kennels to fill offsite. We also expect these volunteers to be in regular communication with the Volunteer Manager about replenishing necessary supplies at offsite locations.

      Key Responsibilities for Offsite Cat Socialization:

  • Regularly clean cat kennels, including emptying litter pans, cleaning empty kennels, and making sure there is as little mess as possible.
  • Replenishing the cats’ food and water on a daily basis.
  • Socializing with the cats, giving them much-needed one on one time with people.


Qualifications for Offsite Cat Socialization:

  • Volunteers must maintain a positive and professional attitude with adopters.

• Volunteers must have attended Volunteer Orientation and the Cat Socialization class as well as worked with a cat socialization mentor at the offsite location.