How To Help Animals During The Coronavirus Outbreak 
By John Woods
Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 9:10AM

How To Help Animals During The Coronavirus Outbreak 

How To Help Animals During The Coronavirus Outbreak 

Due to COVID-19, a lot of people are at home and are restricted from moving around. Animals require extra care as well. There is a lack of food and even shelter homes are overcrowded.

Many animal shelters across the country had to be closed in recent days to protect against the spread of the virus. Though animals are not contributing to the spread of the virus, they need to be taken care of during pandemics. 


So here are a few things that can be done for animals to keep them safe and healthy. 

How To Help Animals During The Coronavirus Outbreak :

  1. Home: Try to give a home to or foster animals until they find a permanent home. It helps shelter homes to take care of animals that need extra care like puppies or kittens in general. Shelters want to shift as many animals as possible from the premises and into foster homes. In case any of the staff members get COVID or even fall sick, animals need proper attention and care. If the right services are available, animals can live healthier lives. 
  2. Volunteer: Till now volunteering was easy and impactful with measures like painting walls, cleaning a beach, or planting saplings. But now virtual volunteering needs to be done due to covid. Post those needs on social media, raise the voice for animal welfare and support them in the best way possible. Spread the ideas for the way animals can be in a great environment and lead a healthy life. There may also be few dogs affected by a disease or accidents. Few dogs go blind with age or injuries. Help them with the products like a Blind Dog Halo. So, talk and also ask your neighborhood to take the required actions.
  3. Precautions: If you are tested positive with COVID-19, you should avoid contact with your pets and other animals. Avoid snuggling, kissing, or even touching for that matter. Also, if anyone in your neighborhood is tested COVID positive or needs self-quarantine, help them by taking care of their pet by taking them for walks, or checking on their food availability.
  1. Donate: Animals need proper food and their hygiene needs to be maintained with proper medical supplies. If you can, donate to your local animal shelter or a rescue group. They organize the adoption of animals which over a while will reduce the number of homeless animals. Animal welfare NGOs help you organize Feeding camps and Donation camps. 
  1. Adopt: Due to COVID meeting in person is risky, so now virtual adoption camps are being taken. Adoption is one of the best ways to give shelter and food to animals during this tough time. Shelters homes like Halifax Humane Society are taking a lot of measures to help animals in need but we can help them too by adopting animals. Also, it is better to adopt animals over buying. 

Now is our moment to help each other and to work together for the welfare of animals and people. It is not just the duty of organizations or shelter homes to take care of animals, but of all of us. 


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