Foster Volunteers
Foster Volunteers

Foster Volunteers:


HHS relies on a dedicated team of foster volunteers to help us care for animals that might need some extra care and attention, as well as for those that might be too young or sick to go onto the adoption floor. When they are old enough and/or better, they will be returned to HHS to be placed up for adoption. In addition, we may place certain behavioral cases in foster homes, particularly those that have been long-term stays at HHS and are demonstrating behavioral issues in their kennel. All foster pets come up to date on shots and with all needed medical treatment.

Key Responsibilities for Foster Volunteers:

  • Provide love, food, care, and exercise to pets in need.
  • Provide a temporary safe place to live.
  • Provide an environment where the animal can learn from and socialize with people and other animals (case by case basis).

If interested in fostering, contact or call 386-274-4703 ext. 331