FAQ Redinger S/P Clinic
FAQ Redinger S/P Clinic






Q- Where is the clinic located and what are the hours?

A- The location is 600 Mason Avenue, Suite 150, Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Phone: 386 - 310 4935 

Fax: 386 - 310 4999

Hours are by appointment only. All appointments require payment in advance. If the appointment is canceled at least 48-hours prior to the appointment, the payment will be refunded except for a $10 service fee. Appointments that are not canceled at least 48-hours prior to the time of the appointment, or "no-show" appointments, will not be refunded. To schedule an appointment visit www.redingerclinic.org 


Q- How much does it cost to have my pet spay/neutered?

A- Below is a partial price list. To read the entire price list, visit /spay-neuter-clinic/index 

Redinger Clinic Services & Price List
The first-rate standard of care at the Redinger Clinic is achieved using cutting-edge medical practices and surgical techniques.  Donations subsidize pricing to maximize Halifax Humane Society’s mission of reducing the overpopulation of pets.

Rabies vaccine and microchip are included. A microchip is required if your pet does not already have one. There is no additional cost for the chip. To learn more about microchips and how they work, click here.

New pricing starting 01/01/2020

CAT Spay/Neuter Surgeries

(each cat must be in its own carrier)

Male or Female Cat $45

Dog Spay/Neuter Surgeries

Weight (lbs)  (Spay/Neuter)

3-59                  $70.00

60-85               $85.00

86-109            $135.00

With an additional fee of $10.00 per 10lbs starting at 110lbs