FAQ Behavior Training
FAQ Behavior Training






Q- What type of dog training classes are available? 

A- Group Classes:

This class will set you on the path to a great working relationship with your dog. We will teach you the mechanics that make you a great trainer and will cover a variety of basic cues and life skills that will make life with your dog more enjoyable. We will show you how to effectively use rewards-based training to improve your dog's behavior in all situations. The foundation training you and your dog will receive will continue to help you throughout your dog’s life.

Classes are held on multiple days at the Halifax Humane Society animal shelter. The entire course, which consists of four weekly classes, costs just $75; dogs adopted from Halifax Humane Society are also eligible for a $25 discount.

To sign up for a group class, please reference the calendar and submit an inquiry using this form.

For more information, call the HHS behavior manager at (386) 274-4703 ext. 326, or email Behavior@HalifaxHumaneSociety.Org  You can also visit /dog-obedience-training/index