FAQ Adoptions
FAQ Adoptions







Q - What is the best way to see all of the available animals?

A - The best way to see all available animals is to visit the shelter. Animals available for adoption also show up on our website here: /pet-adoption/index


Q - Why don't you ever have puppies or small dogs available for adoption?

A - We do have puppies and small dogs available for adoption but because they are in such high demand, they are adopted very quickly. We suggest that if you are interested in adopting a small dog or puppy you should visit the shelter frequently and check our website daily. Additionally, we post soon-to-be-available animals on our Facebook. You can also add yourself to an email alert on adoptapet.com so you are alerted when a pet matching your specifications enters a shelter or a rescue in your area.


Q - Why is the adoption fee for puppies so expensive?

A- Variable adoption pricing allows us to provide top-quality care for all animals. Having a higher adoption fee for some animals that will find a home quickly enables us to care for animals who may need additional help medically or behaviorally. The pet you choose to adopt will already be spayed/neutered, have a microchip with lifetime registration, be up-to-date on vaccines (some may require booster vaccines at your private vet), dogs are heartworm tested, and both dogs and cats receive heartworm and/or flea prevention, as well as a free health check-up at a participating vet clinic in Volusia County. 


Q – When do you get animals in?

A – We get animals in daily. Some are made available for adoption immediately, while others are required to stay in our care for longer (i.e. strays).


Q – Can I bring my dog or cat in for a meet and greet prior to adopting a pet from you?

A – We offer dog-to-dog meet and greets. Because cats can be stressed with the change in environment and for the safety of the cats in our care, we cannot do cat-to-cat or dog-to-cat introductions. If you found a dog at the shelter you’d like to have your personal dog meet, you will need to bring in proof of vaccines (distemper, Bordetella, rabies) and arrive at the shelter with your dog between 2-5 pm Monday-Saturday. We cannot place a hold on a dog so it is first come, first served.


Q – Can you put an animal on hold for me?

A – No, sorry! We want the animals in our care to go home as quickly as possible so those that are ready to go (spayed/neutered, microchipped, rabies vaccinated) do have to go home at the time of adoption. If the pet is not yet altered, we will complete the adoption (adoption fee will be collected) and you will be given a scheduled day to come back for the pet once altered.


Q – What do I need to bring with me to adopt?

A – We suggest, when possible, bringing all humans in the household when adopting an animal. We want to make sure the animal you choose gets along with all members of the family, including small children. Some pets will be labeled “does better with adults,” which means they should not go to a family with children due to their history in previous homes. Please also bring a photo ID and form of payment (no checks). If adopting a dog, they will have to leave on a leash and collar, cats and small animals must be in an enclosed carrier. If you do not have the item(s) needed, you can purchase from in our retail store. We offer a 10% discount on all retail items at time of adoption!