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FAQ Admissions






Q- Do I need to make an appointment to surrender my pet?

A- Yes, appointments are required to surrender your pet.  Admission hours for surrender are 10 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week. Please call 386-274-4703 ext. 323 or email admissions@halifaxhumanesociety.orgPlease leave a message when calling. Appointments are scheduled in the order in which messages are received.

If an owner surrenders their animal, they are giving up their ownership of said animal. Owner surrenders must provide name, address, government issued ID, and any available history of animal (nice, friendly, dangerous, has bit, like cats, hates other dogs, etc.). Once the animal is surrendered, no information about the animal is made available. If the owner or public is seeking information they need to file a public record request with the Custodian of Record (origin of animal location). Once the animal is surrendered, they become the property of the shelter and information is not required to be shared.


Q- Is there a fee to surrender my pet?

A- The cost to surrender a pet without an appointment is $100.00. If an appointment is scheduled, the fee is reduced to $35.00. The surrender of a parent animal and a litter is $150.00 with or without an appointment.


Q- If I find a stray dog on the street, do I need to make an appointment to bring them to the shelter?

A- No, strays can be brought to the shelter from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week. There is no cost to bring a stray animal to the shelter. If you find a stray animal outside of HHS normal operating hours and cannot care for it, please contact your local Animal Control Agency. 

If your animal is brought to HHS as a stray, the fee to pick up your animal is $120. If you have not reclaimed your animal after three days, the animal becomes property of HHS and will be put up for adoption. 

While there is no cost to bring a stray animal to the shelter, we do require your name, current home address as verified by a government issued identification (drivers license, etc.) and the location where which the animal(s) was found. Once a stray animal is surrendered to the shelter, information about the status of the animal is unavailable to the surrendering party and general public. If the surrendering party wishes to adopt the animal if not claimed by owner, we will notate this on the animal's record. Animals are held for 72-hours to give owners time to reclaim their pet. Once the 72-hour period has elapsed, the animal becomes the property of HHS. 


Q- If my animal is at HHS, do I need to make an appointment to pick him/her up?

A- No, you can reclaim your animal in our Admissions Lobby 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week. The fee to pick up your animal is $120. If you have not reclaimed your animal after three days, the animal becomes property of HHS and will be put up for adoption. 


Q- What type of animals do you accept at the shelter?

A- Dogs, domesticated cats, domesticated rabbits, domesticated rats, guinea pigs, potbelly pigs, birds, iguanas, hamsters, ferrets, and hedgehogs.

Animals we do not accept are horses, cows, or other livestock. Fish or aquatic animals, poisonous snakes, raccoons, opossums, bears, wild boars, and other animals that are considered to be wild.


Q- Can I bring you a feral cat that I caught in my backyard?

A- We advise residents to contact their local Animal Control agency to have feral cats trapped and brought to be spayed/neutered. CCFAW.org is also a resource for TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) services. Please be aware that cats trapped for TNR will be returned to where they were trapped so they can rejoin their colony.

Q- Will you come to my home and catch a feral cat?

A- No, we are not animal control or a TNR organization that is sanctioned and licensed by the county to trap animals. These organizations bring the animals to us for spay/neuter services. Contact your local Animal Control Agency if you need assistance.


Q- Do you provide end-of-life services?

A- We do this by appointment only. All appointments are required to bring medical records proving ownership of the pet. We have various cremation packages available for purchase a the time of service. As of 2/21/22 we no longer off stay-with-end-of-life services due to lack of staffing.

If you are in need of emergency euthanasia services, please contact one of these emergency veterinary clinics:

Veterinary Emergency Center of East Volusia
(386) 761-1911
2410 S. Ridgewood Ave.
South Daytona, FL

Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia
(386) 252-0206
696 S Yonge St.
Ormond Beach, FL

Volusia Animal Emergency Clinic
(386) 252-4300
3500 W. International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL



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