Dolly's Dream Dogs Adopted

These are the Dolly's Dream Dogs that have been adopted since February 19, 2019.

Every time a dream dog is adopted, they are replaced with a new featured dog. We will maintain this page to show the Dolly's Dream Dogs that have found new homes.
































































Merida (now Maci) adopted 11/29/2020                                                 Maci with new dad.






mars 2

















































































































sabre goes home


Sabre adopted 10/187/2020                                                                       Sabre with new dad



Princess adopted 10/10/2020                                                                 Princess with her new family!


clifford goes home























Clifford adopted 9/14/2020                                                                               Clifford and his new family


Magic adopted 9/2/2020                                                                                     Magic with new family.



Fiona adopted on 9/4/20                                                                       Fiona goes home.

bellabella home
Bella adopted 8/26/2020                                                          Bella with new mom and dad!

peach 2











Peach adopted 7/31/2020                                                         Peach with new mom.


Smokey goes home























Smokey adopted 7/24/2020                                                                              Smokey with new family.


Amina Goes Home

Amina adopted 7/20/2020                                                                             Amina goes home!

Moe Goes Home

Moe adopted 7/18/2020                                                                                         Moe Goes Home!
























Homer gets adopted 7/6/2020                                                                             Homer goes home!






















Suzie foster/adopted 6/26/2020                                                           Suzie with her foster/to adopt mom!




















Lil Mama adopted 6/25/2020                                                        Lil Mama with her new Dad






















Izzy adopted 6/11/2020                                                                           Izzy goes home!























Homer adopted 6/8/2020                                                                           Homer with new Mom!


























Olympia adopted on 6/7/2020                                                                                            Olympia at new home!


















Kratos adopted on 3/25/2020                                              Kratos goes home with new parents!
















Derby adopted 3/11/2020                                 Derby with new family


















Bentley adopted 3/11/2020                                                             Bentley with new family


Melony adopted on 2/19/2020                                                    Melony with her new family!
















Rayne adopted 2/7/2020                                          Rayne with her new family!




Lance adopted 2/5/2020                                                                           Lance with new family!



















Jill adopted on 1/21/2020                                                          Jill with her new large family! Lots of love here!

Penelope adopted 12/22/2019                                            Penelope with new mom!












Virginia adopted 11/18/2019             Virginia (now Luna) goes home with her new family.















Nessie adopted 10/8/2019                                  Nessie with new family


Shelly was adopted 10/5/2019                                                           Shelly with new mom and dad.



















Emma adopted on 9/28/2019                                         Emma with her new family













Potter adopted 9/23/2019                          Potter's new mom




















Amber adopted 9/17/2019                                           Amber with her new mom!


















Piglet adopted 8/29/2019                              Piglet's new dad!














Sterling adopted 8/27/2019                                             Sterling's new dad!






















Rocco adopted 8/24/2019                              Rocco's new family and siblings!

















Rowan adopted 8/23/2019                                   Rowan with new family!










Mack adopted 8/17/2019                                       Mack with new family















Marley adopted 8/11/2019                        Marley's new family!















Chance adopted 8/11/2019                               Chance with his new family!



Harper Adopted 2/19/2019 Harper's new dad!

















Snoop adopted 2/24/2019                                  Snoop with new dad and brother!















Jersey Adopted 2/26/2019                                                                       Jersey is going to be a service dog for his dad.












                                  Keira's new mom!









 Keira- Adopted 2/28/2019





















Leonardo adopted 3/23/2019 at Turkey Run                                Leonardo with his new family!


















Mellow with new family



Mellow- Adopted April 13, 2019











Reign adopted April 24, 2019     Reign with new family.










Finnegan adopted May, 4, 2019                 Finnegan with new family









Danika adopted May 3, 2019                        Danika's new parent


















Piglet adopted 6/4/2019                                           Piglet with new mom and dad!


















Emmett adopted 6/9/2019                                       Emmett with new papa!






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