Dog and Cat Enrichment Volunteer
Dog and Cat Enrichment Volunteer

Our dog and cat enrichment teams work to give the dogs and cats one on one time with people, enriching their time spent at the shelter. As a cat socialization volunteer, your job is both to spend time with the dogs and/or cats, giving them enrichment to play with and time with people, as well as speak to potential adopters. We encourage all volunteers to take initiative to speak with potential adopters and help pair them with their perfect pet!

 Key Responsibilities for Dog and Cat Socialization:

  • Spend one on one time with dogs and cats, either in their kennels, taking them out of their kennels in the dog and cat room or cabanas.
  • Use homemade or donated enrichment items to play with the dogs and cats and give them something to do in their kennels.
  • Speak with potential adopters, taking initiative to see what their interests are and what sort of dog and cat they are looking to adopt.


Qualifications for Dog and Cat Socialization:

  • Volunteers must maintain a positive and professional attitude with adopters.
  • Volunteers must have attended

    Volunteer Orientation and the Dog and Cat Socialization class.