Dog Walking Volunteer
Dog Walking Volunteer

Dog Walking:

While HHS strives to make our shelter as comfortable as possible before they move on to their forever home, long-term stays in the kennels can be detrimental to our animals. In particular, we work to make sure our dogs – in both our Large Dog and Small Dog kennels – get exercise, one on one time with a person, and a walk each and every day, at least once a day. As an HHS dog walker, you will work to take out dogs, as trained, for walks and exercise in the play pens behind the Large Dog kennels. Dogs will be taken out 1 at a time, and all volunteers must be trained prior to beginning to walk our dogs.

Key Responsibilities for Dog Walkers:

  • Take all adoptable dogs out for walks and play sessions (unless otherwise indicated on a kennel card) in properties surrounding shelter buildings and in play yards.
  • Use safe animal handling and designated training protocols, remove animals from the kennel with a Weiss Walkie and walk animals safely from the kennel to the outdoor area.
  • Scoop feces and dispose of properly.       


Qualifications for Dog Walkers:

  • Volunteers must maintain a positive and professional attitude with adopters.
  • Volunteers must have attended


    Volunteer Orientation and the Dog Walking classes.
  • Volunteers must have worked with a dog walking mentor


    and have been cleared to take out dogs independently prior to walking without a mentor.