Can You Identify Your Dog’s Personality?
By Jane Williams
Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 9:20AM

Can You Identify Your Dog’s Personality?

Can You Identify Your Dog’s Personality?

When you think back on the many canine loves of your life, their quirks and ‘personality’ traits have probably remained firmly lodged in your memory. People form powerful bonds with dogs, and, as found in a study by psychologists at the University of Leicester, people are actually attracted to dogs with personality traits that ‘gel’ with their own. “Liking a pedigree Labrador or a clipped Poodle may be as much a statement as having a pit-bull with a studded collar,” the researchers stated. Of course, although breeds have some characteristics in common, every dog is an individual, and each dog can have a specific personality that attracts you as an owner. What are these personalities, and how can you ensure you can foster and support them so your dog is healthy, happy, secure and well-behaved?

Defining Personalities

Various researchers have sought to define specific dog personality traits. In her doctoral thesis on Personality Studies in Dogs, B Tuscan analyzed information obtained about over 10,000 dogs, defining four traits in canines: calmness, trainability, sociability and boldness. Calmness refers to a dog’s behavior during stressful situations; trainability was described by owners as being intelligent and playful; sociability refers to dogs’ behavior towards other dogs; and boldness is linked to a low degree of fearfulness or aloofness.

Pleasing A Calm Dog

Dogs who are naturally calm and tranquil may find their calling by playing a role in pet therapy. Studies have shown that dogs can help people in many ways, both in official and non-official settings. A Tufts University study, for instance, found that children who read aloud to dogs over the summer maintain their reading skills (this is just one of many studies that show that dogs can help children with this task). Dogs are also used in animal-assisted therapy sessions to aid with everything from depression to cardiovascular disease, dementia, dental procedures, and cancer treatment. 

Keeping A Trainable Dog Busy And Mentally Stimulated

If you have a highly intelligent, eager-to-please dog, then taking time to train them in both behavioral skills and tricks is an ideal way to bond and bring their talents to the fore. Your dog should be able to walk calmly on a lead, behave when visitors arrive at the door, and sit and lie down when you ask them to. However, you can take things a bit further by teaching them fancy tricks such as jumping through a hoop or completing a dance routine. High-energy dogs, meanwhile, will love learning how to complete an agility course, so if you are a DIY fan, then you might enjoy designing and setting up your own canine agility obstacle course in your backyard.

Inviting A Sociable Dog To Important Occasions

The majority of pet owners in the U.S. feel that their pets are part of the family. Therefore, if an important social occasion or celebration is coming up (such as a party or wedding), your dog may want to come along. A person-loving dog can participate in a wedding or event in various ways. They can be with you prior to walking down the aisle (to calm down your nerves), serve as ring bearer, or serve as canine maid of honor or best man (or dog!) They can greet guests at the reception, or simply walk around guests to accept their caresses, posing to take a few pictures for their social media sites (don’t forget to dress your pooch up for your big day).

Bold Dogs Are Heroes

Bold dogs may be ideal to carry out difficult tasks such as helping the police force. However, even if you simply want to keep your brave canine as a pet, you can ensure they fulfill their heroic tasks by giving them opportunities to live exciting adventures alongside you. You may wish to take them surfing, swimming or hiking. Bold dogs may also enjoy competing in an agility course, so if you're already building one for your trainable dog, invite your bold dog to the party as well.

Research indicates that dogs have personality traits such as calmness, boldness, trainability and sociability. Every owner knows their dog to perfection, and it is important for them to match activities to their dog’s needs. From adventures to assisting others, attending a wedding to taking part in an agility course, there are so many ways to ensure your dog is their best and happiest self throughout their lifetime.

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