Advanced Dog Walking Volunteer
Advanced Dog Walking Volunteer

Advanced Dog Walking:  Dog walkers who would like to advance their skills and either learn more about dog walking, or learn to walk our level 3 dogs, may take this class. This class, taught by our Behavior Manager, will cover information from dog bites, advanced dog handling, and much more. Although this course is geared towards volunteers that wish to begin walking our level 3 dogs, we encourage all volunteers to sit in on this class if they’d like to know more about safe animal handling, and how to keep themselves and the people around them safe while walking at the shelter.

Key Responsibilities for Advanced Dog Walkers:

  • Take all adoptable dogs out for walks and play sessions (unless otherwise indicated on a kennel card) in properties surrounding shelter buildings and in play yards.
  • Use safe animal handling and designated training protocols, remove animals from the kennel with a Weiss Walkie and walk animals safely from the kennel to the outdoor area.
  • Scoop feces and dispose of them properly.


Qualifications for Advanced Dog Walkers:

  • Volunteers must maintain a positive and professional attitude with adopters.
  • Volunteers must have attended


    Volunteer Orientation, Dog Walking, and Advanced Dog Walking Classes.
  • Volunteers must have worked with a dog walking mentor and/or our Behavior Manager
    and have been cleared to take out dogs independently prior to walking without a mentor.