Cost of services offered by the admissions lobby.

Stray Animal enters shelter- $132 for up to three days. (after three days the animal becomes property of HHS and is put up for adoption.)

Surrendering an animal:

Stray found by public- There is no cost to bring a stray animal to the shelter however, we do require your name, current home address as verified by a government issued identification (drivers license, etc.) and identify the place where the animal(s) was found.

Once a stray animal is surrendered to the shelter, information about the status of the animal is unavailable to the surrendering party and general public. If the surrendering party wishes to adopt the animal if not claimed by owner, we will notate this want on the animals record. Animals are held for 72-hours to give owners time to claim their pet. Once the 72-hour period has elapsed, the animal becomes the property of HHS. 

Owner surrender:

If an owner surrenders their animal, they are giving up their ownership of said animal. Owner surrenders must provide name, address, government issued ID, history of animal (nice, friendly, dangerous, has bit, like cats, hates other dogs, etc.) The cost to surrender a pet without an appointment is $100.00. If an appointment is scheduled, the fee is reduced to $35.00. The surrender of a parent animal and a litter is $150.00 with or without an appointment.

Once the animal is surrendered no information about the animal is available. If the owner or public is seeking information they need to file a public record request with the Custodian of Record (origin of animal location). Once the animal is surrendered, they become the property of the shelter and information is not required to be shared.

Making an appointment to surrender:

Call 386-274-4703 ext. 323. If no answer, leave a message and someone will return your call.

You can also email to request an appointment. admissions@halifaxhumanesociety,org

If you message us on Facebook, we will forward your request to the admissions email, so you can skip this step and email admissions directly.


Additional information:

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Pet Friendly Apartments Download File (pet-friendly-apartments.pdf)

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Rehoming services-  and  Home to Home Animal Adoption (