About Us

HHS takes the hard road to achieve lasting results for an entire community


Compliant to Florida law, HHS is proud to display our population statistics. HHS would also like to take a step further in explaining the difference between animal welfare non-profits. Each 501(c)(3) in animal welfare has its own mission, be it saving a specific breed, or challenging laws that allow for immoral animal trade. Rarely are two non-profits the same, as such they should be evaluated independently based on the complexity of the problem they address, the outreach and size of their programs, and their impact.

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In the past 7 years, HHS has made some magnificent changes to increase adoptions, keep pets in their original homes, change legislation, open pet-friendly homes, reduce behavior issues, address emergencies, educate children, and much more. The HHS Board, volunteers, and staff have done this while taking the hard road, accepting every animal that comes to their door.

Many organizations achieved "no-kill" status early by simply restricting intake, bringing red-rope policies to organizations that should be accepting the most difficult cases, not avoiding them. HHS feels that refusing to take in any animal will only confound and further hurt our mission, and the hundreds of thousands of pets that will be displaced in the future with nowhere else to go.

We are proud to show our constantly improving trends as we seek to uphold our mission of servicing every animal that comes to our door. Between our two clinics, HHS performs over 10,000 low cost pet sterilizations a year, our legislative programs are making Volusia County more pet-friendly than ever and our outlook to be a community that does not euthanize for space is closer than ever.

Purpose and Beliefs

The Halifax Humane Society exists to protect animals from cruel, neglectful and exploitative treatment.

It is the belief of the Society that all living creatures possess an intrinsic value, which is manifested in its creation. Further, the Society believes that mankind must become a responsible steward of animals which he has domesticated and brought under his control.

The Society shall maintain programs and services, which embrace that principle:

- Maintain a shelter facility to provide for the needs of lost, forsaken and abandoned animals.

- Educate and continually acquaint the citizens, particularly children, with the ethics of kindness and compassion, thereby engendering respect for all living beings.

- Investigate complaints of animal abuse and correct those situations by way of education, or if need be prosecution;

Prevent the overpopulation of domestic animals by providing affordable spay and neuter opportunities to the public, while making certain that animals adopted from the Shelter never contribute to the problem.

Shelter Stats & Metrics

Halifax Humane Society determines its save rate based on the industry standard Asilomor formula, developed and used by several of world's leading animal welfare organizations. This formula does not include owner requested euthanasia, which is a compassionate service provided to citizens who may not be able to afford end of life services at a private veterinarian.  For 2021 using the Asilomor calculation the save rate for Halifax Humane Society was 93.53%. In 2022 the LRR is 93.94%