Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center



First and foremost, we would like to thank our customers for their support during this time of uncertainty.

Boarding and grooming services are available by appointment only. Call for details. As the health and safety of everyone in our community continues to be of our utmost concern, we will utilize this time to deep clean our facility to prevent any possible spread.

For those with animals currently in our care or with reservations, please call (386) 317-2280 for more information.


The Lee C. & Patricia Culler Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center is the latest addition to the re imagining the future campaign for the Halifax Humane Society. This Petcentric Travel Center is the only one of its' kind in the nation owned and operated by a non-profit shelter with all proceeds going back to the care and humane treatment of the animals.

The center consists of-

Grooming Salon- All of the grooming services that are offered by other groomers but all of the proceeds go to HHS to help care for the animals. From puppy cuts to flea baths to nail trims and more, the grooming salon is a full-service grooming facility for your pets. The grooming salon uses only the best care products for your pet provided by PetCaress. By appointment only. Call to schedule an appointment at 386-317-2280.

Boarding Kennel- 14 large dogs and 4 small dog kennels are available for daily or extended stay boarding. There is a cat room offering 16 cat condos that can adjust in size depending on availability. Being a smaller facility allows us to spend more quality time with your pet. Dogs are let out into an extended private run area a minimum of 4 times daily.

Other animals are also welcome at the boarding facility including birds, reptiles, hamsters, etc. Bring your own food or buy a bag from us.
By appointment only. Call to schedule an appointment at 386-317-2280.

Please complete this application and waiver. You can complete typing in the information from your computer or you can print out the application and complete manually. Please complete prior to coming in with your pet. Sign the application where indicated manually.


Application and Waiver


All pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations. Proof (document, not just their tag) of rabies vaccinations are required. Please submit any new vaccine certificates as they become available.

Travel Rest Area- Our travel center also offers public restrooms, vending machines, information about pet friendly hotels, restaurants, parks and beaches. Located 0.3 miles from I-95 at the LPGA Blvd. exit, this travel center lets you and your pet take advantage of amenities not found at other rest stops. The public dog park is a totally fenced in area so you can let your dog off leash to burn off some pent up energy while you relax under one of the shade umbrellas. Please note the travel center is open from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm 7-days a week.


Lee C. & Patricia Culler Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center
2364 LPGA Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32124

9am – 6pm

All services are available by appointment only.


























Pet Friendly Hotels-

Looking to bring your pet on the road with you? helps you find pet-friendly hotels!  Enter HALIFAXHS2020 as your promo code. You will receive discounts and we receive $10 for every reservation completed.

Click here to see a listing of local hotels that will welcome your pet.

Note: Always double check with hotel management to make sure pet policies are current and accurate.   


Pet Friendly Apartments

To add an apartment to our list, or to send updates regarding rentals please contact our Community Outreach Director at


Pet Friendly Apartments by Location


find pet friendly rentals on Zillow


A list of Pet Friendly Apartments:

Download File (APARTMENT LIST.pdf)



  • Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center
  • Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center
  • Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center
  • Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center
  • Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center