Dog Obedience Training
Dog Obedience Training

The Halifax Humane Society’s Behavior Department offers group dog and puppy training classes as well as in-home behavioral consultations and training sessions to meet the unique needs of each individual family, and dog.

Do you have a dog that barks? Pulls? Lunges? Soils the house? Chews items that are not theirs? Is aggressive? Jumps up on visitors? Does not enjoy being left alone? Does not respond to your cues?

Maybe you just have a newly adopted dog or puppy and want to make sure you are starting out on the right paw.

Or maybe you are just fascinated by training and want to bring out your dog's best potential and have fun in the process.

Whatever your situation, if it involves a dog or puppy in need of some behavior modification, guidance and training, you have come to the right place. We will show you how to use science-based, effective, and humane training to solve behavior problems and bring back the joy of living with your dog.

What are you waiting for? Let's get training!

Group Classes:

This class will set you on the path to a great working relationship with your dog. We will teach you the mechanics that make you a great trainer and will cover a variety of basic cues and life skills that will make life with your dog more enjoyable. We will show you how to effectively use positive reinforcement to improve your dog's behavior in all situations. The foundation training you and your dog will receive will continue to help you throughout your dog’s life.

Classes are held on multiple days at the Halifax Humane Society animal shelter. The entire course, which consists of four weekly classes, costs just $50; dogs adopted from Halifax Humane Society are also eligible for a $10 discount.

To sign up for a group class, please call HHS at (386) 274-4703 and press "1" for our adoption lobby.


Dog Training Fundamentals

What We Learn:

1- Name Recognition

2- Touch

3- Loose Leash Walking- Management

4- Loose Leash Walking- Training

5- Sit/Let's Go

6- Stay

7- Come

8- Down


Dog Training Advanced

What We Learn:

1- Leave It

2- Stay with Distance & Distractions

3- Come with Distance & Distractions

4- Loose Leash Walking with Distractions

5- Place

6- Automatic Sit for Introductions

7- Wait at Doors

8- Enrichment Ideas



What We Learn:

1- Food Puzzles

2- Find It

3- Agility for Fun

4- Shaping

5- Tug

6- Flirt Pole


 Call for a schedule of classes and to sign up. (386) 274-4703 ask for adoption lobby.

Private Lessons and Behavioral Consultations:

You will work with our certified professional trainer to develop a customized training plan to accomplish your training goals in a private training setting.

All private training and behavior modification services begin with a 60-minute in-home consultation and training session with an associated investment of $60.00 (plus trip fee if farther than 20-miles). During the initial consultation we will discuss the best options to achieve your training goals. After evaluating the situation, we will work hands on with you and your dog to implement a number of different training techniques and/or an appropriate behavior modification plan.

Each family and dog has a unique reason for our training and behavior modification services. Sometimes a single consultation and training session is enough to set dog and owner on the right track, other times it may be very beneficial to continue behavior modification and owner instruction in follow-up lessons. 60-minute follow-up in-home consultations are $50.00 and can be scheduled at any time after the initial in-home consultation.

If you are interested in booking a private lesson or behavior consult, please contact the adoption lobby front desk at (386) 274-4703.


What to Bring To Your Group Class Training:

  • Your Dog
  • Ensure your dog has time to relieve themselves prior to event. Please be a responsible owner and clean up after your pet
  • If class is near your dog’s normal mealtime, it is suggested that you feed only ½ of your dog’s normal meal and bring the rest to class along with a variety of high value treats
  • A variety of soft, small, high-value treats (Boiled chicken, hot dogs, string cheese, liver, etc. - pick a few things you know that your dog LOVES)
  • A toy or two that your dog enjoys
  • A 6 ft leather, fabric, or nylon leash – no retractable or chain leashes please (Leashes are available for purchase in the Halifax Humane Society Adoption Lobby retail area.)
  • A well-fitting, flat collar (buckle or clip) OR a properly fitted front-clip (no-pull) harness OR a Weiss Walkie
    (Your class trainer will help teach you more about these different equipment options and training aid options; Collars and No-Pull harnesses are available for purchase in the Hailfax Humane Society Adoption Lobby retail area.)
  • Vaccinations- Proof of current rabies. (must bring paper rabies certificate)
  • You must present proof of required, age-appropriate vaccinations or vaccination titer results in order to participate in a group class.



Please do not hesitate to contact the adoption lobby front desk, by calling (386) 274-4703