FAQ Boarding & Grooming
FAQ Boarding & Grooming






Q - Does the boarding & grooming center service just the shelter animals or can I bring my personal pet there?

A - The boarding & grooming center does not service any current shelter residents. We serve public animals only to help support other programs that our organization provides.

Q - Where is the boarding & grooming center located?

A - The boarding & grooming center has the same address as the main campus of the humane society, 2364 LPGA Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32124. The building is the first on the left when you drive through our main gate.

Q - What are the hours of the boarding & grooming center?

A - The boarding & grooming center is open 7 days a week by appointment from 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM daily. To schedule a grooming appointment or a boarding stay, please call 386-317-2280. For additional information please visit www.hhsboarding.org.

Q – Does the boarding and grooming center offer just nail trims or ear cleanings?

A – Yes, but an appointment is required as well as a copy of the rabies vaccine certificate for each pet.

Q – Do you offer vaccines?

A – No, each animal visiting our center needs to already have their vaccines and provide proof if services are being provided.

Q – Can you board animals who require insulin or other injectable medications?

A – No, unfortunately, we cannot board animals requiring injectable medications at this time.