Culler Boarding & Grooming Center
Culler Boarding & Grooming Center

Culler Boarding & Grooming Center:

Located directly next to the main HHS shelter, our Culler Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center offers great opportunities for volunteers. From helping to bathe and groom our dogs, socializing and playing with animals that are being boarded, to helping to answer phones and schedule appointments, there’s something for everyone at B&G. If you’ve got experience at a boarding center or would like to get some more, B&G is always looking for volunteer help!

Key Responsibilities for Boarding & Grooming Volunteers:

  • Listen to and follow all directions given by B&G management.
  • Help with welcoming guests, answering phones, and scheduling appointments.
  • Help with taking out dogs, socializing animals, and grooming/bathing as trained.
  • Handle animals as needed.

Qualifications for Boarding & Grooming Volunteers:

  • Volunteers must maintain a positive and professional attitude with guests.
  • Volunteers must have attended the Volunteer Orientation and Guest Services class.