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Rescue Partners

Halifax Humane Society handles all companion animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.), but with some wild animals, our ability to help is limited.  In these cases, we work with rescue groups that are structured to work with a specific animal to provide the best care for them.  Listed below are the rescues Halifax Humane Society works with to help non-companion animals.  If you can't find a rescue group for your animal, or if you would like to add your rescue group to the list, please contact Halifax Humane Society at (386) 274-4703.

Marine Science Center

100 Lighthouse Drive
Ponce Inlet, Fl 32127
Primarily: seabirds, but will also take in song birds, birds of prey and others.

East Coast Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.                    
P.O. Box 290074                                                                            
Port Orange, FL 32129

Permitted Eagles owls hawks songbirds and all native Florida's wildlife.

Birds of Prey Center (Orlando)
Takes hawks, eagles, owls, vultures and any other raptors

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
24 Hour Hotline 888-404-3922

List of mammals in this area:
Raccoon, Grey Squirrel, Southern Flying Squirrel, Opossum,
Armadillo, Grey Fox, Red Fox, Bobcat, River Otter, Cottontail Rabbit,
Marsh Rabbit, Coyote, Black Bear, Bats: Evening bat, Mexican Freetail,
Red Bat, Seminole Bat, Eastern Pipistrelle, little brown bat, etc.



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