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Prison Pups N Pals

Prison Pups N Pals

 Prison Pups 2 
Prison Pups Prison Pup 2

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Prison Pups N Pals is a program we take great pride in at Halifax Humane Society. In this program, we work with the West Volusia Kennel Club and the Tomoka Correctional Institute to train otherwise friendly dogs to make them more adoptable. Our healthy, spayed/neutered dogs are sent to live in a prison environment for seven weeks. There, they are paired with a pair of inmate trainers and caretakers, who have been taught by a professional dog trainer on how to work with the dog.

The program serves a dual purpose that leads to positive futures for both the inmates and the dogs. The inmates receive education on the proper training methods and care of the dogs in hopes that the skills provided to them will lead to a job in animal services. Meanwhile, the dogs receive obedience training that prepares them for a happy life in their forever home.

While in the program, the dogs learn how to sit, stay, come, and walk to the left and slightly behind their owners. By the time a dog finishes the program, it is highly trained, obedient, housebroken, spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and micro-chipped. Prison Pups make great pets for any family, as their training eases the transition into a new home.


Some Prison Pups are now completing a second round of training to be a part of the Paws of Freedom program. Paws of Freedom matches veterans with companion dogs. Last year, the Department of Veterans Affairs joined the existing Prison Pups N Pals program to create Paws of Freedom. Each class of Prison Pups now has two or more dogs selected to become a companion dog for a veteran. These dogs help owners that may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), providing them with emotional support.

Following adoption, veterans associated with Paws of Freedom receive additional financial support, a care package, and one year of health insurance to help them with their new companion dog.  Paws of Freedom follows a collective body of research data that supports the overall benefit of companion dogs to the psychological and physiological health of individuals with whom they interact, especially their owners.

Listed below are the dogs in the current Prison Pups class.  Many of these dogs may still be available for adoption.  For more information, check their page on our website at http://www.halifaxhumanesociety.org/dogs.cfm, or contact us at (386) 274-4703.

Current Class (Class # 35)
Dog      Name      ID Number            Gender                        Age             Breed
CODY Cody #30415267 Male 5 years  Shiba Inu/Mix 
Dee Dee DeeDee #30591512 Female 8 years Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix
Droopy Droopy #30328582  Male 3 years
Basset Hound/Mix
Jackie Jackie #30554841 Female 
1 year
Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix 
RUDY Rudy #30639811  Male 1 Year

Retriever, Labrador/Mix
LEO Leo #30530144 
2 years Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix 
Lucic Lucic #30283265 Male 2 years  Boxer/Mix  
Smart Smart #29636719 Female 2 years Terrier, Staffordshire Bull/Mix 
Suzie Suzie #20159903 Female 5 years
 Bulldog, American/Mix
Leah Leah #30560599  Female 3 years 
 Terrier, Jack Russell/Mix


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