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Boarding, Grooming and Travel Center

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The center consists of-

Grooming Salon- All of the grooming services that are offered by other groomers but all of the proceeds go to HHS to help care for the animals. From puppy cuts to flea baths to nail trims and more, the grooming salon is a full-service grooming facility for your pets. By appointment only. Call to schedule an appointment at 386-320-3199.

Boarding Kennel- 14 large dogs and 4 small dog/cat kennels are available for daily or extended stay boarding. A smaller facility that allows us to spend more quality time with your pet. Dogs are let out into an extended run area 4 times daily. Other animals are also welcome at the boarding facility including birds, reptiles, hamsters, etc. Bring your own food or buy a bag from us. By appointment only. Call to schedule an appointment at 386-320-3199.

Travel Rest Area- Our travel center also offers public restrooms, vending machines, kiosks offering information about pet friendly hotels, restaurants, parks and beaches. Located 0.3 miles from I-95 at the LPGA Blvd. exit, this travel center lets you and your pet take advantage of amenities not found at other rest stops. The public dog park is a totally fenced in area so you can let your dog off leash to burn off some pent up energy while you relax under one of the shade umbrellas. Please note the travel center is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm 7-days a week.



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